Hi Neighbor!!!  

We made it through November, and what a November it was!!!

Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving and even Black Friday. The days were blessed as they always are and once again (sooner than last year, don't you think?) on December 3rd we begin the Advent season.

'Come, O Come Emmanuel"-

Time for the preparation for Christmas, the coming of the Christ Child

This season reminds us how much God Loves us.

How will we spend it?

We get to choose, you know. We can be part of Christmas or we can let the "Holiday" Season come and go and afterwards, we find we have forgotten to let the Christ Child be an intentional part.

We invite the Christ Child into our Christmas when we let the love of Christ shine through us.  We can do that with benevolences and gifts.  The best way is to let that love shine through our lives everyday- in the car, at school, at work, in those longggg lines at the store. So many opportunities each day to bring Christ to a world that so desperately needs to know it has a Lord and a Savior.

Will we stand on the sidelines this Christmas, or will we be a part of the picture?


At First we also believe that God sends us out everyday to share God's love. We keep our eyes and ears of faith tuned to those around us. Each person is part of God's plan, valued and loved.  Come find your uniqueness as a child of God.

Come see what God can Do!!!